There is a Place like Home

A Dream That has

Been Cooking for Years

When I made a decision to open the restaurant In Kita-Ibaraki, it was big challenge in my life.  Despite difficult environment, the reason why I can continue to cook everyday was customer’s happiness with our dishes.  Over 10 years, we have made an effort to cook delicious dish with warm heart like mother …


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Isohara Main Restaurant 

〒319-1541 Ibaraki-ken, Kitaibaraki-shi,

Isoharachō Isohara, Japan  2547-3


Hitachi Branch Restaurant 

〒319-1416 Ibaraki-ken,

Hitachi-shi,Tajirichō, 3 Chome−26


​Mon - Sun: 11am - 9:30pm

No Holiday all year around


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