Our Story

Yokorashou Runs in Our Family

My grandmother loved to cook delicious food for my family as well as my friends.  Even though house was rather small, the space was full all the time and laughing sound made us happy enough.


As a Korean janpanese, I always live under Korea and Japanese culture.  Various cultures were challenge in my childhood, however it made me embrace two cultures at once and it became turning points to make all people satisfied with my food.  For over decades, I have studied how to cook the delicious dish for Japanese and Korean as well as global people.


Now, I have continued to cook in the restaurant and when my dish makes people smile, I feel big achievement and force to study more about good healthy food.

Owner & Executive Chef

Wonju Noh

"My Dish makes you smile"

Even though someone feel sad, lonely, and frustrated....

When they eat the delicious dish in our restaurant,

the worries will disappear and finally people could be calm down.

I can not make the solution,


I wanna help people to find the best solution through my dish.

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